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International Speaker, Dr Arturo O’Byrne presents in April

Dr Arturo O’Byrne will present the “Towards Biological Robustness – as understood through mucosal surfaces” seminar in April, 2017.

It is postulated that 80-90% of people are affected by dysregulation of the mucosal surface, either through the gut biome or other mucosal surfaces in contact with antigens of various origins.

Presented by International Speaker Dr Arturo O’Byrne, Lead Professor in Integrative Medicine at the University Javeriana in Cali, Colombia. Dr O’Byrne received his Medical degree from the Universidad del Cauca in Colombia. He later studied Clinical Phytotherapy at Master’s level and Clinical Nutrition at Postgraduate level at the University of Barcelona. He has published several scientific articles and co-authored the textbook “Introduction to Bioregulatory Medicine”. 

Learn from this renowned lecturer at the Towards Biological Robustness – as understood through regulation of Mucosal Surfaces seminar in April 2017.

Mucosal Surfaces have Implications in the Following Disease Processes:

  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • Systemic Inflammation
  • Skin Reactions

Mucosal Surfaces

Mucosal surfaces are exposed every day, every hour, every minute to a vast array of foreign antigens, from foods, airborne origins, commensal bacteria of the gut, pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. This protective, totally connected, regulating and informing network has widespread impact on the total health of the body.

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