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Metabolic Syndrome



Metabolic Syndrome

Presented by: Dr Alta Smit


The objective of BioRegulatory Systems Medicine is to improve patient outcomes by supporting a patient’s autoregulatory capacity.

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  • Provide insights for recognizing the symptoms of metabolic syndrome
  • Recognize the contribution of the genome, the environment (exposome) and the microbiome towards this disease
  • Describe the overarching networks that are affected in this disease
  • Introduce the current treatment pathways
  • Describe the BrSM therapeutic approach and how it differs from the conventional approach
  • Provide examples of how to effectively apply the BrSM approach in patients with metabolic syndrome

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It is estimated that a quarter of the world population including more and more children are suffering from Metabolic Syndrome. It is truly a disease of our modern society and of human beings as the so-called ‘top predator’.

The treatment options currently look at this as a collection of symptoms and signs and approach it as such. Therefore we need innovative ways to deal with this subject. Bioregulatory Systems Medicine offers a viable adjuvant and even a stand-alone treatment for this syndrome and practitioners need to know all the tools that they have to manage this.

Being a cardio-metabolic dysregulation disease with an underlying non-resolving inflammatory component it has severe consequences for the patient and healthcare in general.  In an ageing society this becomes even more important to address.

There is a massive amount of on-going research on this topic that reflects the medical need and the impact on society.  The most fascinating fact about this topic is that it is one of the first diseases that was and is discussed in the Systems Medicine Community, thereby reflecting again the need to approach this disease from a different viewpoint.

Presented by: Dr Alta Smit

Alta Smit, BSc (Phys), MB BCh, MF (Hom)

Dr Smit is the current Director of Medical Affairs and Research at Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH in Baden- Baden, Germany, and has held this position since 2009. She has also served as Heel’s Head of Medicine and Research since 2005 and as the Director of Medicine and Medical Education since 2007. Dr Smit is also the moderator of Heel’s Scientific Board and serves on the Scientific Board of the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt an der Oder, Germany. She is a founding member of the International Society of Homotoxicology and Homeopathy and is a member of the Institute of Functional Medicine.

Dr Smit is recognized internationally as an integrative medical doctor and lecturer, with a focus on bioregulation therapy of modern diseases. She has extensive experience in various areas of medicine including rheumatology and clinical immunology, and has published in numerous medical journals. Her special interests lie in acquired mitochondrial myopathies, atopic disease and functional somatic syndromes.

Dr Smit, in addition to degrees in Physiotherapy and Medicine, began her training and practice of complementary modalities in 1992, completing several courses in Homotoxicology, Acupuncture and Neural therapy in Baden-Baden, Germany. In 1997 she completed her fellowship in Homeopathy at the Royal College of Homeopathy in London, England. From 1994-2004 she practiced Integrative Medicine, using the aforementioned modalities as well as Orthomolecular Manipulation, to treat chronic diseases.


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