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Seminar June 19 - July 1

Building Immune Resilience

Through Nutritional & Botanically Focused Multi-System Medicine


$110 AUD incl. GST



WA 19 JUN | SA 20 JUN | VIC 21 JUN | QLD 22 JUN | NSW 29 JUN | NZ 1 JULY


Vanessa Hitch


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Accredited & Recognised by ASBRM, ANPA & CMA

Seasonal changes in genetic expression

Did you know genetic activity is significantly altered during winter, increasing our susceptibility to infections and inflammation?


Learn more in this important seminar on ‘Immune Resilience’:

  • The latest research on DNA changes which occur seasonally and affect our ability to cope with upper and lower respiratory infections
  • Seasonal genetic changes affecting our Th1 response and cell-mediated immunity
  • Specific medicinal herbs and nutrients which have activity in improving resilience to infections at the genetic level.

Alarming statistics on overuse of antibiotics

More than half of people with colds or other upper respiratory infections were prescribed antibiotics, despite the drugs being powerless against viruses.

Overprescription of Antibiotics

Watch now to learn more

Presented by Marleen Plate

Learn a successful prescription for both chronic & acute cases of human dysfunction for lasting immune resilience


Presented by Vanessa Hitch

What is immunosenescence and how is affecting your clients?

We already know many nutrients and herbs for when our clients get sick but, happens when they no longer work?

Biological stressors, chronic immune activation and the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines may lead to loss of immune adaptation. We call this loss of adaptation immunosenescence, yet this term is no longer only applicable to ageing populations; it has now become a global issue traversing all age groups.

In this important seminar you will learn:

  • About stealth infections; hidden underlying chronic infections, hampering your clients Th1/Th2 balance and what to do about it
  • How to catch and treat immunosenescence in your clients earlier, before it’s too late
  • Treatment strategies to bring even your trickiest clients back from the vicious cycle of immunosenescence.

Did you know?

  • Each year acute respiratory infections account for over 6 million GP visits in Australia
  • Poor immune resilience and recurrent infections lead to significant loss of productivity.

New formula launch

For protection & defence, restoration & maintenance of immune resilience

Neuro-immune interactions

Why do some patients remain immune compromised
despite good care?

Stimulating the immune system or killing acute infections with antimicrobials/antibiotics isn’t always the answer. We often need to dig deeper and explore connections between body systems to find answers which serve our patients’ short and long term health goals.


  • How to treat the multi-system expression of immune incompetence through using nutritional & botanically focused multi-system medicine
  • Strategies for successfully dealing with the emerging epidemic of immunosenescence, when immune adaptation is lost
  • How stress and toxicity affect endocrine and immune competence and how to correct it quickly and effectively
  • About the autonomic nervous system and its dynamic role in the adaptation of the whole organism
  • Protection and defence against oncoming winter challenges which really work fast for acute infections.

Presented by:

Vanessa Hitch

B.Sc.(CompMed), N.D.


Vanessa is a naturopath with 15 years experience as a clinician, speaker, educator and formulator both in Australia and New Zealand. Facilitating wellness seminars and teaching nutrition, Vanessa designs highly educational and motivational training modules, keeping students and practitioners engaged and at the top of their game.

Vanessa’s passion for supporting and empowering practitioners and her dynamic speaking style will make this an interesting and informative presentation. Vanessa has a strong focus in her clinic on womens health and a passion for improving her client’s energy levels, happiness and fulfilment, so they can get the most from their lives.

Marleen Plate

BPharm, BHSc (Naturopathy)


As both a qualified pharmacist and naturopath, Marleen has over a decade’s experience in the pharmaceutical and complementary medicines’ industries providing clinical and technical support to health professionals around Australia and New Zealand.

Marleen’s passion for research and continuing education has lead her to roles educating practitioners, pharmacists and retail health staff on the quality use of complementary medicines.

A self-confessed ‘microbiome enthusiast’, Marleen’s clinical practice focusses on gut health and a growing number of clients with poor immune function. 


$110 AUD

Incl. GST


3 Points

Accredited & recognised by ASBRM, ANPA & CMA

This seminar is recognised for continuing education and development points with various associations. Please enquire with your individual association for more details.

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