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In a recently published study 30 healthy male and female volunteers were tested in a randomised, placebo controlled cross-over trial under conditions of experimentally induced stress. The subjects were randomly assigned to receive either 4 tablets of NervoHeel on the first experimental day and 4 tablets of the placebo on the second experimental day, or vice versa. Subjects were then assessed via electroencephalogram (EEG) at hourly intervals for 4 hours after the administration of the study medication.

NervoHeel was shown to:
• Significantly reduce the stress-induced increase of beta-2 waves in the temporal brain area, a surrogate measure for stress-induced anxiety (Figure 1).
• Significantly attenuate the circadian increase of alpha-2 waves in temporal and parietal brain regions, improving concentration (Figure 2).
• Exert its effects rapidly – i.e. within 2 hours of administration.
• Cause no adverse reactions.

These results clearly show that this traditional Homeopathic medicine may rapidly and effectively help patients suffering from stress-related symptoms to better cope with stressful situations.

Reference: Dimpfel W. Effects of Neurexan on stress-induced changes of spectral EEG power: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover exploratory trial in human volunteers. World Journal of Neuroscience. 2019; 9:100–112.


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