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What is Autophagy?

Fasting and specific diets activate Autophagy and adaptive conditioning


Autophagy is the body’s adaptive mechanism of intracellular detoxification and rejuvenation; clearing away cellular debris and toxins, so that the cells and cellular components (for example, organelles, proteins and cell membranes) remain robust, restored and functional.

Recent evidence has shown that specific changes in dietary composition and fasting can reduce ageing and chronic disease by enhancing hormetic processes in the body, such as autophagy. Unfortunately, the inability of many clients to adhere to specific diets or fasting, as well as potentially challenging issues, such as nutrient deficiencies and chronic acidosis, has limited their therapeutic application, until now…..

Uncover the benefits of different fasting models, looking at ‘what really works’ in a prescriptive and evidence-based context in the upcoming seminar on Fasting and Autophagy in October/November 2019.


Chris Sarandis


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